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- Henry Ford (1863-1947)



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Maj-Britt LeMay

Judging 2500 sek per day plus travel expences.


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Rick and May-britt Win Open and Non Pro derby in Sweden







      Rick LeMay is well known though out Scandinavia for his clinic work with horses and riders, Traveling to different locations about 30 weekends a year Rick helps his students develop their own potential and that of their horses. This season we are doing a series of seminars in Norway, and Sweden.   
The goal is to help riders solve problems and create a schedule for the advancement of individual horses. Rick works with about ten riders during each seminar and each rider is given individual attention as well a detailed plan for work in between clinics. Rick says, “ It is really rewarding to see the progress that is made in between sessions and I look forward to see the horses and riders improve.

Ricks fee for Clinics is 3800 sek. per day plus travel expenses.


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  lil Chic Whiz Sept Rundown 




       If you are interested in hiring a judge for your show both Rick and Maj-Britt LeMay are experienced judges.


Rick LeMay has been judging since 1991,  In 2000 he earned his NRHA judges card.  This was quickly followed by the cards from the AQHA, APHA, ApHC, and the NSBA.  Rick was approved by the FEI in 2004. In addition to these cards he is also approved to judge show for the Western Riding Association of Sweden.

      Rick has judged such shows as the Dutch Championships, English Championships, and big money reining shows like Mooslauge, and the Swiss Summer Slide and the Israel NRHA Futurity. 



Rick LeMay

Judging  3800 sek. per day Plus travel expences.

Maj britt LeMay pictured in Derby win Pic

   Maj-Britt LeMay has been a ring steward for 10 years and after learning at the judges side and by showing she began to judge herself in 2003.  She currently hold an NRHA judges card along with the NSBA card.  She is qualified B level judge for the Western Riders of Sweden. 

Maj-Britt LeMay

Judging 2500 sek per day plus travel expences.

Maj-Britt at work at the farm